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Alien Mind Control Mask puts a monster in charge of your head

Your search for an unusual and creepy Halloween mask is over early this year. Just slap an alien with joysticks over your noggin.

Alien Mind Control Mask
Creep-tastic. You are now under alien control. The Horrordome

If you haven't already selected your Halloween costume for this year, you might want to consider letting an alien force take over your body for the big day. The Horrordome is offering a mask that is equal parts weird, creepy, extraterrestrial and funny.

The Alien Mind Control Mask features a full-body alien sitting in a control chair, working a couple of joysticks. It covers your head completely to make it look like it's using you as its very own little pony. The mask itself contains no otherworldly components, instead it's filled with foam to make it lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout your Halloween festivities.

If you want to achieve the overall appearance as shown in the Horrordome promo photos, then you'll also want to stock up on some fake blood to make it look like the alien was a bit reckless during the head-replacement process.

The mask costs $97.99 (about £64, AU$112) would be a great topper over a spacesuit costume. You could mix up your sci-fi universes and use it in conjunction with a Darth Vader or Stormtrooper outfit. It would look equally awesome atop a "Star Trek" uniform of your choice.

As a matter of fact, this mask could improve just about any outfit. Disney princess? Add an alien. Power Ranger? Make it an alien-controlled Power Ranger. Sexy nurse? Lift it to Cronenbergian levels with an alien on top.

(Via Dude I Want That)