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'Alien' facehugger ski mask warms your head, horrifies your soul

Decorate your noggin for Alien Day with a ski mask that will keep out the cold and let in the terror of being eaten by a ruthless alien creature.

Facehugger ski mask
Hit the slopes in alien style.
Mondo/Middle of Beyond

Nobody likes having their face chewed off, but it happens sometimes. It's especially a hazard if your name is anything other than "Ripley" and you are in the cast of the "Alien" franchise movies. Sure, the Xenomorphs with their mini-me mouth-heads are frightening, but there's something extra scary about facehuggers smothering your head. Embrace the horror with a Facehugger Ski Mask.

April 26 is Alien Day. That means screenings of some of the "Alien" films and the release of tie-in merchandise like Reebok's Alien Stompers high-top sneakers. Clothing retailer Mondo and apparel maker Middle of Beyond got together to create the facehugger ski mask, which will look great with Ripley's kicks and a facehugger corset.

The ski mask is made from acrylic and features the freaky facehugger stretching its creepy alien legs across the front. Two eye holes let you see through its body, a luxury that most victims of facehugger attacks aren't allowed. The creature's tail wraps around the neck of the mask.

Mondo wasn't content to just offer terrifying apparel for Alien Day. It also pressed a limited edition of 75 Xenomorph-blood-filled vinyl records. The records contain the "Aliens" soundtrack and a bright-green liquid inside that sloshes around when the record moves.

The ski mask is available for preorders for $30 (about £21, AU$39). It is expected to ship in late September. If you're looking for an appropriately fashionable top to go with it, check out the Alien Knit Sweater, a tacky Christmas-sweater-style tribute filled with facehuggers, eggs and a Xenomorph.

Now that you know what you'll be wearing for Alien Day 2017, you can relax a bit and take some time to test your knowledge of slavering extraterrestrials and the havoc they wreak against our Alien Day quiz. Don't worry. It won't bite.