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In space, no one can hear you take our Alien Day quiz

Do you have what it takes to battle our special Alien Day quiz about the first three "Alien" movies? Sorry, a Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader won't help you win this fight.

The "Alien" movies (five in total if you don't count those "Alien vs. Predator" spinoffs) offer a unique trivia challenge. The movies are full of obscure information, but watching them, it can be hard to keep your eyes and ears open when a man-eating, acid-spitting Xenomorph can jump out and kill anyone at any time.

20th Century Fox declared Tuesday to be Alien Day for fans of the survival horror film series starring Sigourney Weaver as alien-butt-kicker Ellen Ripley. The day will include special releases of "Alien"-themed merchandise and screenings of the first two films, which came out in 1979 and 1986, through the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater chain. If you know why Fox chose April 26 as official Alien Day, you've got a good chance of acing our special Alien Day quiz.

The quiz presents 10 questions that chronicle characters, memorable moments and other miscellaneous information from the first three "Alien" films, known as the "Alien" trilogy, before "Alien: Resurrection" and those "Alien vs. Predator" movies made us wish Hollywood had just quit while it was ahead. Now, let's rock!