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Ridley Scott wants to make 'Alien' forever. Like, literally

But sorry, the director squashes one fan rumor. Daniels, the "new Ripley" in "Alien: Covenant," isn't related to Sigourney Weaver's original.

Katherine Waterston plays Daniels in the upcoming movie "Alien: Covenant."
Mark Rogers

Ridley Scott is possibly an even bigger fan of "Alien" than you are.

"I enjoy doing them so much, honestly, I would like it to go on forever," the director said.

Asked who might take over the franchise, since, you know, he can't actually make them forever, Ripley replied "I'm trying," before the conversation veered to cybernetics. Scott has already suggested he wants to make six new "Alien" movies.

Scott was speaking to reporters Friday at a roundtable before a screening of his original "Alien" at the SXSW Conference and Festivals in Austin, Texas. The screening also included sneak-peek footage of his new movie in the franchise "Alien: Covenant," which is set to be released May 12 in the UK, May 18 in Australia and May 19 in the US.

"Covenant" is "a cut above what's happened before, and therefore it will leave all kinds of things open for the next one," he said Friday. "Alien: Covenant" is the sequel to 2012's "Prometheus," and is expected to have more direct links to the 1979 "Alien" film.

Scott squashed one rumor about a direct link between the two films: Whether Daniels, the "Covenant" protagonist played by Katerine Waterston, is related to the original "Alien" heroine, Ripley?

"No no no," he said. "She's herself."

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