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Watch the 'Alien: Covenant' doomed crew's last supper

Four minutes of footage from the movie introduce James Franco and his team. They don't yet know about a certain species who mostly come at night. Mostly.

Hey, who's ready to go on a bug hunt?

On Wednesday night, viewers watching the new episode of "Legion" on FX got a sneak peek at "Alien: Covenant," the next installment in Ridley Scott's "Alien" franchise.

The ship's captain (James Franco, as revealed in yesterday's cast photo) isn't feeling well (this is never a good sign in the "Alien" movies). Once he shuffles off to rest, his crew decides to have one last meal and party before they go into cryosleep for their journey.

All's fun and games, but one crew member has an ominous story. "I heard about these crazy bugs, just outside of this colonial post, apparently they look like cockroaches the size of giant poodles," she says. And then someone starts choking.

You can watch the four-minute preview for yourself -- rest assured, even with the build-up we just gave it, nothing gets spoiled.

"Alien: Covenant" opens May 19 in the US and UK and May 18 in Australia.

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