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AIM 6.8 Refresh not so fresh

AIM get an update that lets you send pics from your computer to a cell phone user.

Make sure you know exactly what you install with AIM. Dong Ngo/CNET Networks

The new update of AOL Instant Messenger, the AIM 6.8 Refresh, came out Tuesday with a new feature that allows you to send photos to cell phone users. I decided to try the new version out, mostly because I wanted to get rid of the annoying update notification.

Once the installation was done, I found out that the neat-sounding feature is limited to people using certain types of cell phones within the T-Mobile network.

None of my buddies meet the criteria so I didn't get to try it out, but I am not terribly impressed with the idea of this new feature, especially when cell phones these days can be used to easily check e-mail or receive multimedia messages. If anything, I am concerned.

The installation of the new AIM, much like that of any other instant-messenger app, still wants to significantly change the settings of your computer, including installing the terrible AOL toolbar, change the default home page to, and change the default search engine to that of AOL (which is also terrible).

Make sure you pick the custom installation and uncheck all the boxes of features you don't wish to install before proceeding.