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Agree on which movie to watch with Foundd

Foundd makes movie recommendations based on your individual tastes as well as those of a group.

I am holding out hope that Foundd means I will watch fewer episodes of "NCIS" or "Leverage" on Friday nights. After a week of work and finally getting the kids to sleep, the wife and I seldom venture into the world of cinema on the eve of the weekend because it takes too long to find something we both want to watch. So, I grab the iPad to watch baseball while my wife fires up an "NCIS: LA" or similar on demand. (She has a surprising affinity for procedural crime dramas, finding them unparalleled as a relaxation aid. I recall our "Law & Order" years fondly.)

Foundd sets out to solve this problem of finding a movie you both will like. You can set up a group, and Foundd will tailor its recommendations to the preferences of all of the members. It's useful if you are old and married like me or young and among roommates.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Head to and sign up for an account via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. Next, you'll be asked to rate at least 10 movies on a five-point scale. (The more you rate, the more recommendations you'll receive.) After doing so, Foundd creates Your Watchlist of recommendations. While its recommendations for me were largely movies I liked and enjoyed, they were movies I had already watched and enjoyed. It felt like Foundd was too careful, going for sure things instead of taking a chance and recommending movies I may not have heard of or, more to the point, seen before. I don't need a recommendation engine to tell me that I might like "The Godfather Part II" after giving "The Godfather" five stars. (To Foundd's credit, "The Godfather Part III" was nowhere to be found.)

At the heart of Foundd are its Group Watchlists. Click on Groups at the top of the page and you'll be able to invite up to four people to a Group Watchlist. Unfortunately, it appears you can form a group only among your Facebook friends. I tried testing out this feature with two friends, both of whom refused to sign up via Facebook. They each signed up using an e-mail address, and Foundd did not create a Group Watchlist for us.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

If you spend too much time picking out a movie and have friends on Facebook who don't mind authorizing apps to use their Facebook profile (you can limit Foundd's visibility on Facebook when you sign up), Foundd might streamline your selection efforts.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

(Via LifeHacker)