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'Adventure Time' clothing goes algebraic

Australian geek clothing specialist Black Milk has launched an officially licensed range of "Adventure Time" clothing for women.

Black Milk

Now this is a tough one: BMO or Marceline? We love them both, of course, but which one would you rather wear on a dress? Or even a swimsuit?

Australian geek clothier extraordinaire Black Milk has given us this dilemma with its most recent range: officially licensed "Adventure Time" dresses, leggings, T-shirts, and swimsuits. The aforementioned BMO and Marceline appear in the massive collection, alongside Finn, Jake, Gunter, Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess, Party God, Princess Bubblegum, and Tree Trunks.

No Flame Princess, though. We'd be all over Flame Princess.

If you can't choose just one character, never fear. The collection also includes clothing featuring groups of characters having the most adventuriest time ever.

Anyway, what are you still reading this for? Head over to the Black Milk Web site and check it out. Be aware that each article of clothing is made to order, though, and may take a couple of weeks to arrive.

(Source: Crave Australia)