Adobe's Photoshop-Lightroom deal open to all comers

Through December 2, the $10 monthly subscription is open to everyone, not just existing Creative Suite customers.

Adobe wants photography pros and enthusiasts to sign up for a subscription that bundles Lightroom, Photoshop, and other services for $10 a month.
Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems' $10-per-month photography software subscription is open to anyone for the next two weeks, a significant expansion of a program that previously was only available to those who already use Creative Suite products.

The original deal required people to own Photoshop Creative Suite 3 (CS3) or later. The new deal lifts that restriction, addressing criticisms from photographers who were interested but didn't qualify. While the original deal is open until the end of the year, the new offer is available only through December 2, Adobe said in an announcement Wednesday.

Adobe is in the midst of a massive business transition from perpetual-license sales to subscriptions, most notably its "all you can eat" Creative Cloud plan that costs $50 a month. Many professionals who routinely use Adobe products can justify the subscription rate, which grants them access to a steady stream of updates and Adobe's full range of software. But Photoshop has a broader user base that includes a lot of enthusiasts who were unafraid to vent their displeasure at the change.

The new deal could alleviate the concerns for some customers.

Adobe also offers a Photoshop Creative Cloud (CC) subscription for $20 month, which existing customers can get for a $10-per-month introductory price for the first year. The Photoshop-Lightroom deal adds Lightroom without upping the price.

The Photoshop photography program subscription also includes 20GB of cloud storage space for syncing and sharing files and the Behance ProSite for those who want to publish a portfolio online. It also lets customers use the latest versions of software without paying upgrade fees.