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Adobe wraps up video for tomorrow's producers

Adobe offers more professional-looking options for the Channel 1 and YouTube crowds this fall.

Candace Lombardi
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Candace Lombardi
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Adobe may give students a reason (other than the threat of demerits) not to skip homeroom this year.

On Monday, Adobe announced Visual Communicator 3, an updated version of its elementary software for composing and broadcasting television-quality video that will be available this fall.

The program is intended for students and newbies to video production and streaming, but the newest version offers some pretty professional features.

Visual Communicator 3 allows users to view multiple cameras at once and switch among them, replace a blue or green background with images or video, and use a full-screen teleprompter, all while streaming live.

Instead of the usual timelines and multiple layers used by professionals, the application offers drag-and-drop templates and step-by-step wizards to take users through the process of creating video packages and streaming them live.

The software has been available since early June as a preview at Adobe Labs and will continue to be offered in preview format until August 31.

The updated application allows users to stream video content live to a closed-circuit TV system or across the Internet using Adobe's proprietary Flash Video format.

Users can integrate content from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro for moving perfected photos and videos to broadcast and export them to Adobe Encore or Premiere Elements for burning to DVD.

In addition to the new functions, Adobe Visual Communicator 3 also offers more customizable graphics and music clips.

The software will be available to educators for $170, a discount on the $400 price for other customers. Existing Adobe Communicator users also can upgrade for $150.