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Legends of Cthulhu action figures add terror to your toy box

These toys, worthy of the Elder Gods, were inspired by tales from the horror legend H.P. Lovecraft and are available through Kickstarter until Wednesday morning.

Who needs superhero toys when you can play with the Legends of Cthulhu? Warpo

Barbie and G.I. Joe may have dream homes and armies on call, but neither can harness the power of the Necronomicon like these retro style Legends of Cthulhu action figure toy line by Warpo.

The action figures are available through a Kickstarter project for a short time longer. Nearly 1,100 people have pledged more than $118,000 to enable production -- far surpassing Warpo's goal of $60,000. The Kickstarter fund-raising closes Wednesday morning.

"Growing up in the 70's and 80's we were immersed in role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu," the creators at Warpo state on their Kickstarter page. "We always felt that Lovecraft's worlds were deserving of their own action figure line and what better time period than the late 70's / early 80's when his work first began its modern-day resurgence and the golden age for action figure collectibles was in its prime."

"The result is our interpretation of what a major toy company in that era would have done with these characters and how a creative team of the period would have translated H.P. Lovecraft's stories into a mass-market children's toy property," Warpo added.

The produce line includes four collectible, 3.75-inch action figures based on the terrifying works of Lovecraft. The figures include Spawn of Cthulhu, the Cultist, the immortal undersea creature Deep One, and the heroic Professor -- all of which have various accessories including the Necronomicon book, snap-on wings, ceremonial mask, spear, staff, dagger, and revolver.

In addition to the figures themselves -- all of which have swivel heads, jointed arms and legs -- each comes packaged in a blister card designed to convey a nostalgic experience for the collector.

"We knew the package artwork would be crucial to making this a success so we enlisted Ken Kelly (Micronauts, Dungeon's and Dragons) to hand paint the front and back of the card," Warpo said on its Kickstarter page.

Back of packaging (initial concept layout) of the Legends of Cthulhu figure line. Warpo

The Warpo team also includes Eddy Mosqueda, who worked with Mattel in the '80s as a sculptor of such beloved toys as the Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles and Masters of the Universe. The main Warpo team consists of designer Bryan Katzel, artist Eric LeFeber, and artist Tommy Baldwin.

The Warpo team wanted to create more than just toys and offers Legends of the Cthulhu coloring books, T-shirts, art prints, plastic cups, and even the vintage-inspired commercial of the toy line in the classic VHS format, as perks for the Kickstarter to those who pledge.

"Warpo is not interested in remaking or reissuing old toys or licenses," Warpo stated on the Kickstarter page. "Our goal is to create brand new product[s] and tell brand new stories that haven't been told before, but can still sit side by side with all the old toys you collect and love."

Here's hoping the Legends of Cthulhu play nice with your other toys.