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Add notes to Gmail messages in Firefox

Notes for Gmail has finally crossed over to Firefox. Learn how to keep your inbox more organized than ever before.

Notes for Gmail

As mentioned in the guide for adding notes to Gmail messages in Chrome, the need for a default note feature really shows when you're trying to remember more information about an e-mail. Perhaps you were supposed to call instead of e-mail the person? Or maybe you want to share an e-mail with a friend, but your cellular signal isn't so great right now. Adding Notes for Gmail to Firefox allows you to keep track of these details more easily.

Notes for Gmail was kind enough to give CNET 1,000 beta invitations for our readers! Using this link will automatically accept your request to join the beta.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

After you fill out the form, you'll gain access to a download link. Once installed, head to your Gmail in the Web browser and authorize Notes for Gmail to work with your account. Next, you need to reload your Gmail in a new tab. Simply reloading the page itself will NOT work.

Screenshot by Nicole Cozma/CNET

Finally, when opening a received message, you will see a new button that says Add Thread Note along the top row, or Add Note on individual messages.

Now all of your Gmail messages can stay organized with notes letting you know what you need to do with each one.