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Add any podcast to the iOS Podcasts app

You don't have to rely on iTunes for access to your favorite podcasts; with this quick tip you can add any podcast you have a link to in the Podcasts app on your iPhone or iPad.

The Podcasts app on iOS is a great way to subscribe, listen to, and even watch your favorite podcasts while on the go. The tight integration with iTunes makes it simple to find and subscribe to new podcasts from your iOS device. What if you want to subscribe to a podcast that isn't in iTunes? As Macworld pointed out a while back, you can add non-iTunes podcasts to the app, using a not-so-obvious method.

Before you can add a podcast to the app, you'll need the direct link to the podcast. Sending it to yourself over iMessage or in an e-mail will make your life easier than having to type in a long URL in the next step.

When you're on the main screen of the Podcasts app, slide down the search field from the top. In the search field, enter the URL of the podcast you wish to subscribe to then press search. You should then be asked to confirm your subscription to the podcast. Once you select Subscribe, the podcast will be added to your device. Pretty easy, right?

If Apple's Podcasts app isn't your cup of tea, you can check out these three alternatives that are better than it, according to Rick Broida.