Add a Web shortcut to the BlackBerry 10 home screen

You can quickly access your favorite Web sites directly from the home screen of your BlackBerry 10 device.

Adding a shortcut to your favorite Web site is a convenient way to quickly access information while on the go. The ability to add home-screen shortcuts isn't a new feature by any means -- smartphones have had this capability for quite some time -- but it's still good to see it present in BlackBerry 10.

To add a shortcut to your favorite Web site on a BlackBerry 10 device, launch the browser and navigate to the Web site you'd like to add. Once the page has loaded, tap on the menu icon and select "Add to Home Screen" from the list of options. Most sites have a custom icon for Web shortcuts, so you should see the icon populate on the next screen and have a chance to name the shortcut whatever you'd like.

Tap Save once you've finished naming the shortcut and then exit the browser and go back to your home screen. The icon should now be present on your home screen, giving you quick access to your favorite site.