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Add a camera to the iPad

With just 99 cents and an iPhone you can add a wireless camera to the iPad.

One complaint about the iPad is that there is no built-in camera. 
Thanks to the enterprising Yusuke Sekikawa, those of you with iPhones can add a wireless camera to the iPad.  Here's how.
First, on the iPad go to the App Store and search for the app Camera-a. It's 99 cents, so this whole thing has to be worth a buck to you.
If it is, buy the app and download and install it.
Then, on your iPhone, search and download Camera-b.  This app is free, since it's useless without Camera-a on the iPad.
Launch Camera-b on the iPhone and then launch Camera-a on the iPad.
If all goes well, you should shortly see the view from the iPhone's camera show up on the iPad screen.
Point the iPhone camera at what you want to photograph and press the camera icon on the iPad to take the picture.
If you don't get a connection, make sure Bluetooth is on on both the iPad and the iPhone. Or both devices can be on Wi-Fi.
Enjoy your new camera on the iPad, sort of.