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Ad-supported Kindle 3G drops to $139

With a sponsorship from AT&T, Amazon has dropped the price of the Kindle 3G to $139.

The Kindle 3G With Special Offers is now $50 less than the standard Kindle 3G.

Not too long ago, Amazon was offering the 3G version of its Kindle With Special Offers for $164. Now, thanks to a sponsorship from AT&T, that price has dropped to $139.

"Kindle 3G is more convenient--customers never have to hunt for or pay for a Wi-Fi hot spot--they simply download and read books anytime, anywhere. Kindle 3G customers read 20 percent more books, and take advantage of twice as many special offers," says Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos is a press release. "A big thank you to AT&T for helping to make the new $139 price possible."

In case you don't know what the Kindle 3G With Special Offers is, it offers the same exact features and hardware as the $189 Kindle 3G but has small ads that run at the bottom of the home screen and as screensavers when your Kindle goes to sleep (but there are no ads in books). Sometimes these ads include special offers from the sponsoring company or Amazon itself. In our review of the product, we didn't find the ads intrusive.

The Wi-Fi version of the Kindle sells for $114. We suspect the price of that product may drop to $99 as we head into the holiday season. It's also very possible that Amazon will announce a new Kindle in late August as it did last year.