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Ad imagines stealthy World Cup-killing soda can

What do you do when your country is gripped by soccer fever and you don't give a lick for it? In this ad, you turn off all the TVs with a spylike soda can.

Shut off the TV in the middle of the big game? It takes a secret soda can to do that. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

America often gets a bad rap as the one country in the world that doesn't really care much about the World Cup. But apparently, there are some Europeans who aren't into it all that much either. In fact, in an advertising video for Orangina soda made by French agency Fred & Farid Paris, the narrator says there are "37 million French women and men that have no interest in football." So what are they to do?

One smart antifootball (aka antisoccer) lady in the video seems to have just the thing. It's a can of Orangina that's been outfitted with a stealthy remote that has the ability to shut off all TVs nearby. Things get a little heated when she shuts down the televised game in a bar, but that doesn't seem to bother her much.

How interesting (and brave) for an ad agency to take the opposite approach to the World Cup. Instead of pandering to fans, it appeals to those "who aren't interested in football -- or can't even stand it," according to the video. Imagine the reaction of such a campaign here around Super Bowl time. Think it would work?

(Via Gizmodo)