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Activision makes the games play on time with Alfresco

Activision has adopted Alfresco for its content management needs.

Activision, best known for making innovative games like Guitar Hero, apparently also has a tendency to be innovative in its use of open-source technology. As announced today, Activision is using Alfresco for web and document management and collaboration. On the web aspect:

Activision is using the innovative Alfresco Web Content Management (WCM) application to manage content for a series of new interactive customer Web portals, each centered on one of the company's major video game franchises. These 40 micro-sites, in six different languages, will provide a personalized one-to-one Web experience that lets more than 5 million video gamers test games and offer feedback, receive special pre-launch perks and information, and communicate interactively.

As an Alfresco employee, I was pretty excited to be able to work with Activision on this. It's a good example of a partnership between vendor and customer. (At least, I think that's what it's called when I field calls from Activision at 11:30 PM.... :-)