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Achievement unlocked on Pokewalker seven years later

A Japanese user of the long-forgotten Pokewalker just clocked 9,999,999 steps after seven years of usage. Imagine how many eggs he could have hatched on Pokemon Go.

This Pokeball-shaped pedometer was bundled with every copy of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver for Nintendo DS.

Fans around the world went wild over Pokemon Go for a few weeks last summer, but one Pokemon hunter has remained faithful to the Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver edition from 2009. And this week, his loyalty was rewarded.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Japanese Twitter user suica_pokeca tweeted that he'd maxed out his Pokewalker (a Pokeball-shaped pedometer) with 9,999,999 steps after "seven years of dedication." His tweet included a photo that of the device congratulating him on his achievement.

The Pokewalker was released with the Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver editions in 2009. It allows players to catch and level up their Pokemon by clocking steps in the real world. The device has often been likened to Niantic's popular AR game Pokemon Go.

10,000 steps is equivalent to roughly five miles (or eight kilometers), according to The Walking Site. This means Suica Pokeca has clocked almost 5,000 miles (8046.72 kilometers) over the past seven years - he could have walked from New York to California and back!

Suica Pokeca isn't the first to max out his Pokewalker though. Gaming website Kotaku notes that YouTuber Brian Salguero achieved this in 2013, taking about half the time to reach 9,999,999 steps.

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