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Acer offers up new all-in-one desktops for the holidays

Acer introduces new all-in-ones for the holiday buying season.

Acer's new 23-inch AZ5 Series all-in-one
Acer's new 23-inch AZ5 Series all-in-one

Acer announced a variety of new desktops today for consumers and business buyers. Among the highlights are two new all-in-ones, each for under $1,000.

The Acer-branded AZ5 is Acer's new flagship all-in-one. Starting at $750, the 23-inch AZ5 will feature second-generation Intel Core i3- and Core i5-series CPUs, along with a touch screen and Acer's media-streaming software.

Although this is a touch-screen-based desktop, the AZ5, in keeping with Acer's older all-in-ones, doesn't seem to offer an equivalent to HP's well-conceived touch software suite. At least the overall design of the AZ5 has a certain future-pop appeal. Acer will also offer a smaller 21.5-inch AZ3 model, starting at $650.

Joining the AZ5 in Acer's ever-confusing brand portfolio is the similarly 23-inch Gateway ZX6971. This system will also feature a touch screen and second-gen Core i3 chips, and starts at a remarkably similar $730.

We understand that the Gateway brand still has a certain cachet here in the States, and that's why Acer has kept it alive since it acquired Gateway in 2007. What we don't understand is why Acer still insists on forcing its Acer-branded desktops into that same mold. Is it too much to ask for meaningful differentiation?

Alongside these two consumer all-in-ones, Acer also has a few new models in its Veriton line of corporate desktops, as well an updated Gateway SX-series small tower PC, and a new Aspire AM3 midtower PC.