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Acer flashes new LCD monitors

The device maker says two of the models feature response times of 12 milliseconds for moving images.

Acer America has unveiled new wide-screen LCD monitors in three sizes.

The monitors, part of the Prestige series, come in 17-inch, 19-inch and 20-inch varieties. Acer released them on Thursday.

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The 17- and 19-inch monitors have response times of 12 milliseconds for clarity of moving images, the company said. All the monitors have TFT screens and three video inputs: VGA, DVI-D and AV, Acer said.

Prices start at $329 for the 17-inch model, $489 for the 19-inch screen and $649 for the 20-inch monitor, Acer said.

"These new offerings advance our efforts in industrial design as we aim to further strengthen our position in the United States and global markets," Maarten de Haas, vice president of the monitor unit at Acer, said in a statement.

LCD, or liquid crystal display, technology allows for thinner and lighter monitors than traditional cathode ray tube, or CRT, products. LCDs are becoming popular for use in desktop computers and notebooks, as well as TV sets. Recently, Samsung launched an 82-inch LCD.