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ACDSee Photo Manager update improves workflow, makes you a better person

DAM software gets updated.

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Face it, you know your digital assets are all over the place. You can never find what you're looking for because you're terrible at getting and staying organized, yet you continue to download new bits of software to do everything from import images to processing raw files to editing and archiving photos. The latest update to ACDSee's Pro Photo Manager could help you put an end to that and improve your workflow thanks to a handful of new features.

Version 2.5 announced yesterday (a free upgrade for 2.0 users; $129.99 for everyone else) adds things like the ability to build and save complex searches, embed custom metadata (not just modify IPTC and EXIF fields, though you can do that, too), and organize images on import by creating folder structures, setting categories, and modifying metadata before it hits your computer.

And while this hot, hot update should have you organized in ways you've only dreamed of, it also adds an auto-slide-show feature, presentation options, and worry-free, pixel-level editing because copies of the originals are always saved.

Finally, if you're dealing with raw files, 2.5 continues the product's awesome raw-processing support.