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Accuracy, schmaccuracy: 'iSteve' props go hilariously wrong

The makers of satirical Steve Jobs film "iSteve" take a liberal approach to computing and Apple history.

iSteve promo
At least the turtleneck is pretty close.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Comedy site Funny or Die beat out the competition in getting "iSteve," the first Steve Jobs biopic, out for viewing. Take that, Ashton Kutcher. In all that haste, Funny of Die may have cut a few corners as far as accuracy goes. That's left the film open for evisceration by Apple fans on high alert for anachronistic images.

The film is full of tripping Steve Jobs scenes, Bill Gates beating computer components with a hammer, and Steve Wozniak looking like he just wandered off the set of "Lost." It's also full of computer parts that just don't fit the time period. It's the sort of thing that will either make Apple fanboys giggle, or send them up in arms to the Internet to complain.

Michael Steeber, video editor at 9to5Mac, has proven to be a valuable resource for "iSteve" inaccuracies. He points out that the Gates character uses the term "malware" long before the name was coined. Even better, the scene that has Wozniak and Jobs creating the first Apple shows technology components that didn't exist back then.

Calling "iSteve" out for anachronistic tech is as easy as plugging in a USB cable. It's pretty clear Funny or Die wasn't trying to get things right, or even mildly close. Way more attention was paid to matching the polyester outfits of the time period.

"iSteve" won't be on everyone's lips come movie award season, but it's certainly ambitious coming from a site better known for short videos. Assuming you've slogged your way through the film, do you agree with Steeber that it's "literally the worst movie ever?"

(Via The Atlantic Wire)