Accessories that go a Wii too far

Virtual cooking utensils may be a cry for help.


To all the makers of insane Wii accessories, we say thank you. Why? Because we were on the verge of actually thinking that the "Bass Fishing Wii" sounded like it actually made sense, but then the latest entries to the market jolted us back into reality.

The cooking utensils featured on Gizmodo--complete with "frying pan, knife, fork and spatula"--are disturbing indications that people have gotten a wee too close to the Wii. These, by the way, come hot on the heels of the screw-on pool cue.

If people must spend all their waking hours with their Nintendo friend, we suppose it's better to be cooking, fishing or playing pool than blasting each other off the face of the planet, virtually or otherwise. And when it comes to food preparation, perhaps it's best that these folks stick with games rather than, say, working in the real kitchen of a restaurant we might happen to patronize. As for us, we'll wait for the Wii microwave.