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Accel Partners snaps up Yahoo search VP

Andrew Braccia, a key player in the development of Yahoo Answers, has left the company after working there since 1998.

VentureBeat is reporting that Andrew Braccia, Yahoo's vice president of consumer search, started Monday in a new line of work as a principal at venture capital firm Accel Partners.

Braccia "quietly quit" his post at Yahoo, where he had worked since 1998, earlier this month, VentureBeat reports. At Yahoo, he had been a major player in the development of Yahoo Answers, the company's successful Q&A service.

According to the VentureBeat article, Braccia "says he's passionate about the consumer Internet, and says he believes we're still at the very early stages of a move of the consumer audience online. Under 20 percent of consumer media engagement is online, and that percentage will grow 'dramatically' over the next three to five years, he said."

His new employer, Accel Partners, has been an investor in Web start-ups like Glam Media, Facebook and BitTorrent. Braccia told VentureBeat that he had been drawn to the venture capital sector after having worked on some of Yahoo's major start-up acquisitions, like Flickr and Delicious.

UPDATE: Yahoo has announced that Braccia's replacement is Vish Makhijani, who had previously served as vice president of Yahoo's Search Marketing International and International Monetization division.