'SadLab': Get a look at how Pixar makes you sob uncontrollably

Parody video goes behind the scenes at a fictional Pixar department that works tirelessly to find new ways to make movies that turn on the waterworks.

Do you cry hard and often when watching Pixar movies? You're definitely not alone. In fact, Pixar has a whole team dedicated to figuring out ways to make you sad, according to this parody video from comedy group Above Average.

The video, posted Wednesday, takes viewers behind the scenes at Pixar's SadLab, a fictional department where scientists and other sadness researchers test new technologies for getting the waterworks going. "It's like the human genome project," one of the researchers says, "but instead of mapping DNA, we're trying to make people sob so hard that they lose their sh*t."

Sounds about right. I mean, this is the studio that made the incredibly tear-jerky films "Up" and " Inside Out," which really took the art of making the audience cry to a whole new level.

The fictional lab collects tears from its test subjects as it researches characters and storylines to maximize the sadness potential.

In the clip, a researcher reveals Pixar's most successful sadness formula thus far -- completely surprising the audience with unexpected sadness. Like when you're watching "Up," you're expecting it to be a kids movie with happiness and balloons, and then BOOM: the main character reveals his terribly sad story to the audience.

Pixar's next sob story -- "The Good Dinosaur" -- will no doubt bring copious amounts of tears to theaters in the US on November 25, followed by an international release in the UK on November 27 and Australia on December 26.