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ABC quietly launched HD streaming late yesterday

Sharp-looking shows now available on ABC

Lost is looking sharp on ABC's HD Showcase.

Just got this note from a PR rep:

"Hi David-

We had chatted in early April about Move Networks (regarding ABC's switch from Flash to Move), and I thought you might want to hear a bit of other ABC/Move related news.

Late yesterday, ABC quietly launched their HD player powered by Move Networks' publishing platform and Move's player. There is now an 'HD Showcase' with shows including Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Lost and Ugly Betty running at HD resolution (1280x720).

ABC developer blog on the launch:

To see the HD video, go to the following site, click on "Launch player," then click on the box that says "Episodes now available in ABC HD":

To a certain degree the note says it all, but I should add that I watched a bit of a Lost episode and the picture looks very impressive. That said, my work computer (a year-old, middle-of-the-road Dell laptop) didn't have enough horsepower to keep the video running smoothly. As ABC warns, for optimal viewing you need a pretty powerful computer and high-resolution monitor. If anybody experiences any additional problems or compatibility issues, please note them in the comments section. I'm running Windows XP and Firefox.