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A wondrous cell phone Christmas card

A man is asked to create a Christmas card for his marketing agency. Noticing that there are a lot of old cell phones about the place, he puts them to extraordinary, festive use.

When you work at a marketing agency and someone asks you to design a Christmas card, your insides become enveloped by a feeling not unlike the morning after anesthetic-free appendix surgery.

So, in this festive and slightly flummoxing season, let us celebrate James Theophane Jr.

Not only is he blessed with a name that sounds like a domineering, elusive figure from "Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil", but he also has a heavenly talent for introducing art to technology and getting them to make out under the mistletoe.

According to his own telling of the story on Vimeo, Theophane was inspired by a bunch of obsolete cell phones that were lying around the office like art directors coming down after a Christmas party.

So he used them to create, in the beautiful British vernacular, a "mobile mobile" that hangs in his marketing agency's lobby.

It plays the sort of Christmas music that makes you want to shout very loudly at your local Starbucks baristas. However, through this medium, the effect is somehow inspirational rather than perspirational.

One can even play it live through one's Web browser at

His marketing agency, LBi, seemingly cannot decide whether its initials stand for Lost Boys International or London Beer Inebriates.

However, with the amount of work (detailed here) that went into creating this cell phone tribute to the end of 2009, the Lost Boys deserve one or two London beers. At the very least.