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A Wonder Woman costume we can all agree on

Wonder Woman fans give the Amazonian superhero a fresh look, complete with battle skirt and shining gold chest eagle. Now a fan film may be in the works.

Wonder Woman fan costume
Wonder Woman gets a costume refurb from fans.
Adam Jay

Who knew pants could be so controversial? The issue of whether or not Wonder Woman should wear pants has heated up the comic book community in the past. Photographer Adam Jay of SuperHero Photography is having it both ways.

Jay's recent photo shoot features a reimagined Wonder Woman costume that has managed not to offend anybody's comic book geek sensibilities. The costumes were built by Hermes Terceiro and modeled by Sarah Scott (warning: scantily clad pole-dancing photo ahead).

Wonder Woman alternate costume
Wonder Woman is also wearing the pants around here. (Click to enlarge.) Adam Jay

The updated take on the look includes Wonder Woman's classic red, blue, and gold ensemble, but punches it up with a tough, modern feel to the wardrobe.

The chest eagle is fiercer than ever and the Romanesque leather skirt is a departure from the starry granny panties the incomparable Lynda Carter popularized on television.

The photo shoot also includes a more urban version of the costume that looks like it would be at home on a motorcycle, complete with a black leather jacket and black pants. There is now talk of Adam Jay putting together a Wonder Woman fan film trailer. Yes, please.

Costume criticism dogged last year's canceled attempt at bringing Wonder Woman back to television. If the leaked photos had looked like these, it might have made it to the small screen after all.

I have to say, Wonder Woman fan costumes have come a long way since the time I tried to wear my Wonder Woman Underoos to school when I was 5. No, I don't still have them, but thanks for asking.

(Via Geek x Girls)