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A Trump-inspired pie, and other weird pizza news of the week

From pizza boxes made of pizza to Trump-hand-sized slices, things got more than a little cheesy.

Where does the box end and the pizza begin?
Vinnie's Pizzeria

Things got a little cheesy this week in the vital department of pizza news. Here are our three favorite slices.

1. How about some bacon when you're bakin' that pizza?

Pizza Hut thought it went straight to America's unhealthy heart in 2014, when the chain introduced pizza with bacon and cheese stuffed in the crust. But now it's 2016, and bacon-cheese stuffed crust pizza sounds as outdated as Pharrell's Grammy hat. The Hut has come back at our arteries with a new bacon-and-cheese stuffed crust delectable that includes applewood-smoked bacon and not one, not two, but three kinds of cheese. Maybe eat it from a cardiac-care unit, just in case.

2. We heard you like pizza, so we made your pizza box out of pizza.

As CNET's Amanda Kooser reported on Monday, Vinnie's Pizzeria in Brooklyn is now delivering pizza in a box completely made out of pizza. The restaurant describes it as "totally PIEodegradable." Frat houses all over the nation could be heard to chorus, "What took you so long?"

3. Pizza slices cut for Trump-size fingers

If you leave Vinnie's in Brooklyn with your pizza box made of pizza and eat your way from coast to coast, you might end up at another Vinnie's, Vinnie's Pizza in Portland, Oregon. There, you can indulge in The Wall, a pizza inspired by Donald Trump (er, Drumpf -- John Oliver fans will get it), and named for the barrier the Republican candidate says he'll build between the US and Mexico. Even the ad seems to channel the billionaire businessman, claiming, "Cut into slices that little tiny fingers can handle. Everybody likes it. It's everyone's favorite. It's the best built pizza you'll ever see. I guarantee it. Not for losers and haters." It's gonna be huge, we tell ya, huge. Like it or you're fired.