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A trio of 10-megapixel ELPHs

Canon announced three new PowerShot Digital ELPH cameras for the spring.

Canon PowerShot SD770 IS
Canon USA

Canon announced three new additions to its Digital ELPH line of ultracompact cameras. The PowerShot SD770 IS, SD790 IS, and SD890 IS are all 10-megapixel cameras with optically stabilized lenses, and each model offers its own unique draw.

The PowerShot SD770 IS follows in the footsteps of the SD1000 by preserving the original ELPH aesthetic. It comes in two color schemes, a silver version and a black-and-silver one with the prominent black circle found on the very first ELPH film camera. Its 35m-to-105mm-equivalent, f/2.8-f/4.9, 3x optical zoom lens features Canon's Optical Image Stabilization. According to Canon, the 0.8-inch thick camera is the thinnest Digital ELPH to feature optical image stabilization. The PowerShot SD770 IS ships in April with a suggested retail price of $300.

A large screen and redesigned button layout sets the PowerShot SD790 IS apart from the SD770 IS. While both cameras feature the same optically-stabilized 35-to-105mm-equivalent, f/2.8-f/4.9, 3x optical zoom lens and 10-megapixel sensor, the SD790 IS features a large, 3-inch LCD screen compared to the SD770 IS' 2.5-inch display. The SD790 IS also features flat, Motorola RAZR-like buttons, compared to the SD770 IS' more conventional round, tactile buttons. Unfortunately, it doesn't come in the silver-and-black, old-school ELPH version like the SD770 IS, nor does it offer the other camera's optical viewfinder. The PowerShot SD790 IS ships at the end of March and will retail for about $350.

Finally, the PowerShot SD890 IS features both a longer lens and more powerful image stabilization than both the SD770 IS and the SD790 IS. Canon's new high-end Digital ELPH features a 37-to-185mm-equivalent, f/3.2-f/5.7, 5x optical zoom lens and an optical stabilization system that Canon claims can correct up to four stops; according to Canon, the other two new PowerShots' stabilization systems can only correct up to three stops. The PowerShot SD890 IS ships in April with a suggested retail price of $400.