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A timely warning about digicams and cables

EDN's Brian Dipert provides a timely warning about digital cameras and dangerously incompatible cables, just in time for the holiday season.

Since it's likely that many people will be getting new digital cameras during the holiday season, this warning about a USB Faux Pas from EDN's Brian Dipert is timely.

Dipert reports that different brands of cameras have micro-USB-style connectors that look compatible but aren't--and he found that the combination of a Panasonic camera with a Kodak cable damaged the camera.

I can't agree with Dipert that there ought to be a law, but I wouldn't mind a court ruling that Kodak and Panasonic are at fault here.

Companies that need a USB-like connector with additional vendor-specific pins should work with the USB Implementers Forum to get a new connector standard defined. Creating plugs and sockets that can damage, or be damaged by, other USB-like products is just wrong.