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A tablet PC built for the bunker

'TabletKiosk' gets toughened up

Sand Dune Ventures

Sometimes it seems that every company wants to play the tech industry's version of Survivor with super-tough products. But rather than offering something of limited use like a USB key, TabletKiosk has ambitions to take over the whole island with a new rugged tablet computer.

The "TufTab" line, despite its Playskool-sounding name, is a reinforced version of its "eo v7110" ultra-mobile PC that's been toughed up with a rubberized case to withstand "rain, dust, humidity, extreme temperatures and vibration," according to the company, as well as a biometric fingerprint reader for additional security. As a bonus, it can run a Linux operating system for a slightly lower cost than the $1,700 sticker price with Windows software.

Other features include a 7-inch LCD touch screen, 1.2-GHz Via processor, 40GB hard drive and 1GB of memory contained in a case that weighs less than 2 pounds and measures 8.1 by 5.3 by 1.14 inches. But now you can drop it up to 2.5 feet too.