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A stealth flying camera

An unmanned tiny helicopter rigged with a camera holder to take wireless video, photos from above.

DraganFlyer camera

Well this is paranoia-inducing.

Yes, that is a photo of a camera attached to a miniature helicopter. It's called the DraganFlyer X6. It's a remotely operated device designed to carry wireless video or still cameras.

Measuring about 3 feet in diameter with the rotor, the X6 has three motors to spin its carbon fiber blades and is capable of carrying a maximum weight of 1.1 pounds. This means your typical point-and-shoot camera, budget dSLR or camcorder should be able to fit properly on the bird. It comes with an anti-vibration camera mount which minimizes shaky videos or images.

The really tech-savvy can opt for the GPS option, which lets you track the X6's whereabouts on its 2.8-inch touchscreen control display. But the ultimate experience is surely the video glasses which let users on the ground see through the eyes of the X6 in flight.

There are other accessories that you can throw in, but bear in mind that a basic unit will set you back $14,995. Rather than breaking the bank, I think tying my shooter to a kite is a more affordable alternative.

(Via Crave Asia)