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A Star Wars fantasy: Jon Stewart as Princess Leia

To support UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs, Jon Stewart dresses as Princess Leia and Stephen Colbert cannot quite believe it.

Would you leer at this Leia? Omaze/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Sometimes you have to reveal your inner self, even if it's just for charity.

Jon Stewart has clearly kept his well-hidden behind jokes and facial contortions for far too many years.

Finally, though, he has let himself go. In a video that is as startling and it is revelatory, "The Daily Show" host reveals that he doesn't merely dress in women's clothing, but that his true inner being is Princess Leia.

I understand that this may be more than some "Star Wars" aficionados can take.

However, in the interests of a good cause, I feel bound to present this video.

It exists in order to amuse, astound, give you the chance to contribute to the UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs. It also dangles the idea that you might appear in "Star Wars Episode VII."

The Star Wars: Force For Change campaign is a very fine cause. However, Stewart as Leia walks a very fine line between startling and call the doctor.

At the heart of the video is a battle between Stewart and Stephen Colbert to see who is the biggest "Star Wars" fan.

Actually, at the heart of the video is Stewart and Colbert re-enacting a very famous "Star Wars" scene. Yes, the one that includes Leia saying "I love you."

Should this video affect the way you sleep tonight, please try not to blame me.

Please also consider that you'll never be able to look at Jon Stewart in the same way again.