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A social TV network

MediaZone introduces an Web TV service that allows users to interact with the content.

MediaZone will debut Social TV here at CES 2007, a mix of Internet television, MySpace, and instant messaging.

It's professionally produced online content that can be streamed or downloaded from the ad-supported site. The idea is to let users give feedback on, chat about, and rate programming, as well as forward the good stuff to friends. It's like YouTube, but from pros. Social TV aims to create global online TV channels that can be launched without the restraints of traditional television.

MediaZone has a shared-streaming technology allows users to securely share video packets, which lower the distribution cost all the while wrapping content in DRM.

MediaZone is currently a site where users can get live sports programming like European rugby, motocross, tennis, fishing, surfing and poker, and a cross section of international television and news shows.

The new Social TV will have extreme sports, dedicated comedy and horror film channels, as well as a hip-hop lifestyle-focused channel, Voice of America, independent short films and more.

Social TV will launch in the first quarter of this year.