A shiny silver Nokia

CNET reviews AT&T's Nokia 6650. It's not the sexiest phone around, but it has a decent feature set and it performs well.

The Nokia 6650 looks a bit like the Razr.
James Martin/CNET Networks

AT&T's new Nokia 6650 looks as if it could be at home in Motorola's lineup. With a thin profile, a boxy shape, and a shiny metal skin, it bears more than a passing resemblance to the Motorola Razr V3.

But before you start criticizing Nokia for chasing after a four-year-old trend, we can assure you that the 6650 is worth a look. Not only is it better looking than the Razr, but it also offers a brilliant display, a sturdy construction, and a respectable mid-range feature set that includes 3G, push to talk, multimedia, and GPS.

The keypad and controls could use some work, but call quality was pleasant and data reception was sharp. Read all about it in our full Nokia 6650 review and check out our Nokia 6650 slide show.