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A screen that's 27 by 15 feet--'nuff said

Seamless display costs only $100,000

Gigantic screen

We're hesitant even to post this so-called world's largest seamless display, only because that claim seems to be made every other day. But, hey, we all like looking at huge screens, don't we? And this one adds "highest resolution" to the category, for the record. Apparently the work of two computer engineers, this monstrosity measures a full 27 feet across and 15 feet high (not typos). "This mammoth display is capable of displaying photographs and video in 60 million pixel, courtesy of 20 networked PCs that are equipped with a couple of graphic cards each, consuming a total of 30,000 watts of power just to operate," according to Ubergizmo. All that, for the measly price of $100,000.

(Photo: Ubergizmo)