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A rude awakening behind the wheel

Another device makes sure drivers stay awake.


It's been months since we heard about scientists researching a car seat that would detect when a driver is getting sleepy, but there's still no word that it'll ever become reality. So until then, we're stuck with intravenous supplies of caffeine and other, more rudimentary technologies to keep us awake behind the wheel.

On that front, companies are taking small steps to refine wearable alarms that will scream your ears off if your head begins to bob in slumber-like fashion. The "Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm," for example, is smaller than previous models and can be disguised as a Bluetooth headset to hide your narcoleptic tendencies.

That subterfuge will be instantly unmasked, of course, if your head dips more than 30 degrees and sets off an alarm that will make you jump out of your skin. Come to think of it, maybe it's just better to take a nap and save your eardrums.