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A romp through the camera rumor mill

Leakages abound on the 'Net about various dSLR and interchangeable-lens models.

While none of these seem verifiable, there are simply too many rumors about new dSLRs and interchangeable-lens cameras floating around on the Web to ignore. So here, for your delectation, is a summary of all the bits that are fit to post.

The most frequent topic playing Ring Around the Web is for a Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. A host of sites have repeated a set of specs first posted at Northlight Images by a supposed tester of the aforementioned model. He specifies the following:

  • Same 1.3x multiplier (APS-H) as previous models.
  • 16-megapixel sensor with 8-megapixel sRAW
  • ISO 50 to ISO 26,500
  • Same video and display as the 5D Mark II
  • Slight redesign of button layout and grips

Said tester reports good high ISO photo quality (as you'd expect), faster continuous shooting than the 1D Mark III, "Nikon fast AF", usable Live View AF, and an overall better feel.

Supposedly there'll be a late summer announcement and end-of-year ship. Start saving those pennies now. Use a really big jar.

More recently, the Samsung NX interchangeable-lens concept camera has begun to coalesce out of vapor on the forums at I don't have a clue how reliable this one is, but it sounds nice. Supposedly named the NX3, the poster prognosticates that it will be announced on July 7 and will theoretically have the following:

  • 1620x1080 EVF with 250Hz refresh
  • 3-inch AMOLED at 960x720 (691,200 pixels) resolution
  • 14.6-megapixel CMOS. APS-C (3:2) size given previous public announcements.
  • ISO 100- ISO 6400
  • 4 frames-per-second continuous shooting
  • Video 30fps 720p
  • Stereo

Crunchgear had speculated that the July 7 announce might be a GX-30 dSLR, but does anyone care?

As for other interchangeable-lens news, an interview with Akira Watanabe (Manager, Digital SLR Product Strategy Department, Olympus) in Amateur Photographer revealed that Olympus is planning a Micro Four Thirds model with an EVF. Whew. And though it's fact, not a rumor, Panasonic announced some serious firmware upgrades for its two Micro Four Thirds cameras and lenses, which I'll quote from 4/ in its entirety since I can't find the original:

Firmware version 1.1 for the Panasonic GH1 camera allows faster burst shooting and improves control of shutter speed and the stability of AF in movie recording. Version 1.3 for the Panasonic G1 improves its compatibility with Micro Four Thirds lenses, whereas firmware version 1.1 for the Lumix G Vario HD 14-140mm / F4.0-5.8 ASPH. / MEGA O.I.S. lens improves optical image stabilisation in movie recording mode.and compatibility with Micro Four Thirds cameras.

Nikon Rumors has been mongering a couple of stories. The most likely, IMHO, is that there will be press announcements on July 30 and/or August 4. I'm pretty sure one of them will be for the Fall Coolpixes--'tis the season, after all--but the Nikon D60 and D300 are pretty old for their respective markets. Given the timing (these models ship for the holiday shopping season) I think a D60 replacement is most likely. The site has speculated that the D300 replacement will be dubbed the D300s, and alluded to a low-end D4000.

Finally, Photo Rumors had picked up a Dyxum forum post from a reader who'd seen a reference to a Sony A500 series of dSLRs in a registration drop-down. The company could certainly use something between the A300 series and the A900 with video support.

But where are the rumors for a Canon EOS Rebel XS replacement? updated 6/25/09: Ask and ye shall receive. Canon Rumors posted an unsubstantiated rumor that it'll be announced next Tuesday, though a comment says the announcement will be Friday.

So there you go.