A robot for hair plugs

Robots can save lives, and stick hair into your scalp, says Restoration Robotics.

Hair plugs. It's a topic no one wants to talk about. Getting hair plugs is a sign of vanity. Besides, what if, instead of using spare arm or leg hair, they plant those crinkly, thick hairs from your big toe onto your head?

Restoration Robotics can't help with that problem, but it will help with the actual planting. The company has created a robot that assists doctors in this part of the operation. Now, doctors put in the hair plugs by hand, just like rice farmers. These robots can save time, money, etc.

A less desirable alternative Party Domain

The company has also just raised $25 million in a second round of financing, according to VentureWire (subscription required). The company will use the money to conduct clinical trials and move to market. Earlier, it raised $11 million. Despite all the money, the company is still somewhat secretive.

"You have Rogaine and Propecia, but those don't give you the same effect, or there's the comb-over," CEO Jim McCollum told VentureWire. Hey, Jim, what about the cinnamon roll? You forgot that hairdo.

Medical devices are getting big and venture money has been streaming in. Israel, which has a large number of doctors and engineers, has been a hot market. Hair removal and cellulite sculpting company Syneron Medical had a successful IPO a few years back.

The U.S. is seeing a surge too. Recently, Satiety raised $30 million for a in-patient stomach stapling device. Normally, doctors have to perform surgery on obese patients to staple stomachs. Cellutions, for cellulite sculpting (not like ice sculptures, more to smooth it out) raised $7 million this summer.