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A rearview mirror for your hand

Pacific Connections gadget could have use beyond bike commuting.

A new take on handlebar-mounted mirrors for bicycles has cyclists mounting mirrors on themselves instead of their bike.

The Rear Vision activity mirror, which comes in a wristband or glove option from Pacific Connections, is intended to help urbanites better navigate the jungle of cars on a daily commute, as the blog points out.

Rear Vision activity mirror

But I think it could have other uses:

For those stuck with their back to the office door, it's a handy prevention device for when your boss is about to catch you reading CNET blogs instead of doing work (like now).

When writing from an event, journalists can see who's trying to read their screen or which PR rep is about to pounce on them.

No need to turn your head away dramatically when you tell someone to "talk to the hand." Instead, just look in your mirror to ignore them.

Aggressive drivers will back off when you flash your mirror to blind them with sun. (Results could vary drastically.)