A perfect camera for Monty Python

Split Cam morphs photos together

Fred Flare

Why would anyone want a camera that morphs photos together? If we asked questions like that before writing, we'd never post anything.

So today we offer you the "Split Cam," which Uber-Review summed up thusly: "We got uber effects on a this camera that puts a man with a woman's skirt and a guy with his legs on reverse mode. Taking in consideration that it uses an old-school 35mm film and doesn't have flash, the Split Cam might have a quality below the average but those effects are priceless."

We all know, of course, that such effects can be accomplished easily with Photoshop. But the simple plastic Split Cam will set you back only $14 and will prove invaluable for those times when you want to make a fool of someone spontaneously--including yourself.