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A PC we're still trying to figure out

Tangent makes a small computer, but why?

The first question we find ourselves asking is: Why? Tangent's site touts its Rugged Mini for its size at four pounds and 9.6 inches wide, but a lot of laptops can compete with those stats. Its performance specs appear pretty average too. The one thing that seems to set the Rugged Mini apart is the ability to mount it on a wall or the back of a large display for custom presentations. Again, not exactly a mass-market killer.

Perhaps all this is why the company's e-mail pitch stressed its energy efficiency, achieved through a fanless cooling system that keeps temperatures stable--no small issue in this day of overheating and exploding batteries. But with base prices at $1,400 or $1,500, we'd still rather go with an ultraportable laptop at nearly half the cost.

(Photo: Tangent)