A new Steve Jobs movie and OLED wallpaper in CNET UK Podcast 434

Prepare your ears for all the latest tech news, from futuristic antennas to all new Macs. Plus, we discuss your reactions to the new Steve Jobs biopic starring Michael Fassbender.

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Blimey, only last week we were discussing Steve Jobs business cards that fetched over $10,000 at auction, and this week we've got a trailer for the new biopic that charts the Apple co-founder's extraordinary life. We discuss the upcoming silver-screen portrayal starring Michael Fassbender, as well as your reactions to it.

But that's not all, dear listener, oh my gracious no. Prepare your auditory units for LG's concept TV that sticks to a wall like wallpaper, futuristic antennas woven into your clothing and Apple's all-new Macs. Plus, Andy talks us through the pros and cons of the Huawei Honor 6 Plus smartphone , which is on sale in Europe despite the fact that they've clearly spelled 'honour' wrong. Honestly.

Hit play on the podcast and enjoy!

A new Steve Jobs movie and OLED wallpaper in CNET UK Podcast 434

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