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A new startup to rise from the JBoss ranks

Details to follow

A new startup is set to spin from the ranks of JBoss. I'd give you the URL but then you could track down the host and spoil their plans. I'll post it later, closer to the official launch.

For now I'll just say that the JBoss crew is truly entrepreneurial. We need more open sourcerors building great companies...and then more great companies. Marc Fleury clearly hired the right sort of people, as they've been very fecund (starting or joining Loopfuse, Buni, Appcelerator, Alfresco, SpringSource, MuleSource, Xaware, and others).

Red Hat and Novell have built great Linux businesses, but they haven't really spawned many new businesses in the way that PayPal and other Valley companies often do.

Thank goodness, therefore, for JBoss. It's doing good things for Red Hat, as well as sprouting new good things outside of Red Hat. We need both.