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A new polish for Chromebook and Chromebox

A new weapon in cyberwarfare is uncovered, photos emerge of what appears to be Apple's new map software, and Google breathes new life into the Chromebook and Chromebox.

In today's show, we test Google's new operating system, chirp goodbye to Nextel, and pay our Russian bills with green pigs:

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The reviews are out for Samsung's new Chromebook and Chromebox, running on the newly updated Chrome OS. And the bottom line is that it's better than the last version, but still not all that impressive. (Especially since the Chromebook has limited capabilities and costs more than a tablet.)

The Nextel network will officially be killed-off in June of 2013, and Sprint is pushing Nextel customers to use Sprint Direct Connect devices.

There's a new weapon in cyber warfare, and it's called Flame. Uncovered by security experts at Kaspersky Lab the massive attack has infected computers in the Middle East, mostly in Iran. It's not clear who exactly is behind the attack, but security experts believe it is sophisticated enough to have been created by a government.

There are Angry Birds games, toys, clothing, even a cookbook. And now, we have the biggest birdbrain marketing scheme yet. The Associated Press is reporting that a bank in Russia is offering special Angry Birds MasterCard debit cards. They are called Angry Cards, and the card would give users a 10 percent discount on purchases of game-related items.

We've heard reports for some time now about Apple creating its own 3D mapping software for mobile devices. The latest buzz comes from the blog Boy Genius Report, which obtained some photos it says is of the new map app. But the photos are out of focus and most are covered by a finger; I've seen better pictures taken of Big Foot.

Be sure to check out Apple CEO Tim Cook's chat this evening at the D10 Conference. CNET will be live blogging his public interview, but don't expect any new Apple product announcements. You can be sure he'll save that that for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 11th.

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