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A new Olympic sport: Tracking building energy

The Vancouver winter Olympics will use a system that gives building managers a way to track energy use and make changes to reduce pollution.

While people are watching the Olympic Games, building managers will be watching their energy dashboards.

Energy management software company Pulse Energy on Friday showed off an energy-monitoring system developed to make the Olympic Games in Vancouver more efficient.

Building energy is the latest spectator sport in Vancouver. Screenshot by Martin LaMonica/CNET

The software gives facilities managers a real-time readout of energy consumption at different venues. By tracking that data, building managers can make adjustments to save energy, such as turning off equipment that's not in use. The information is also available online at VenueEnergyTracker.com.

The reporting system presents how much energy use and greenhouse gas emissions were avoided by the steps Olympic Game organizers have already taken, according to Pulse Energy.

Building managers at the seven venues can compare how they stack up against other buildings. Pulse Energy says its software, which is used by businesses and other organizations, can save between 5 and 25 percent annually on energy bills.