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A new how-do-you-do from BenQ

BenQ announces new camera, but no release date or pricing, just in time for the holidays.

BenQ has just announced a new big-screen, high-ISO, compact snapshot camera, just in time for holiday shoppers to ask why the company is announcing a new product in mid-December. The X710 is a slim, 7.2-megapixel shooter with a big 3-inch LCD screen and a 30fps VGA movie mode that can hit ISO 4000 sensitivity for filming in low light. Of course, that setting will probably mean incredibly noisy, grainy movies that look like they come out of 1970s-era video tapes. Still shots can only go up to ISO 1200, which will still probably be pretty darn noisy. The camera uses a 3x (37.5 to 112.5mm-equivalent) zoom lens with BenQ's Shake Free mode...which just happens to be simply the aforementioned ISO 1200 still photo setting.

The camera itself might not be very impressive compared to, say, the image-stabilized Canon PowerShot SD800 IS or the stylish, touch screen-equipped Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T50, but the BenQ X710 could still be a nice, compact shooter with a big screen for showing off your photos. We won't really know until we check it out ourselves, and that might take a while; BenQ didn't mention any sort of release date or pricing for the camera in their press release.