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A Motorola in-car radio? You cannot be Sirius

Motorola releases iRadio in-car subscription service

Motorola's designers have been busy creating products that appeal to drivers. First we reported on the Moto T605 music and hands-free system that lets drivers stream audio files wirelessly from their Bluetooth 2.0-enabled cell phones and MP3 players. And now, Motorola is launching iRadio--its own music subscription service that looks like a cross between iTunes and satellite radio.

iRadio enables owners of select Motorola devices equipped with the stereo Bluetooth profile (such as the Motorola Q) to compile their own commercial-free playlists of songs from an online database and then use their mobile devices to stream the music wirelessly through their cars' audio systems.

The service comes complete with its own software program for downloading music, as well as an in-car Bluetooth receiver module, which can be connected to any head unit via the auxiliary- or satellite-radio inputs. iRadio subscribers can upload up to six "radio stations" to their phone or PDA (via a USB connection) per day, with each station playing a maximum of four hours of genre-specific music. The system is expected to ship in spring 2007 at a cost of between $149 and $199 for the hardware, and $7 to $10 per month for subscription fees.

(Photo: Kevin Massy/CNET Networks)